Underground Hype: Max Marz

By: Carrick Wenke

Max Marz, the self proclaimed “rockstar”, is truly that. Along with many of his Tacoma peers, Max is a one of a kind artist. Look to his song “Anger” from the spectacular New Wave project where he reaffirms with statements such as “I’m not an average Joe”, and “Rockstar and you know it”. Max is all around is fun for me to listen to because there’s bouncy numbers such as “Cake” and “New Wave” and of course slower more ambient tracks such as “Pink Pill”. Max was also nice enough to let us drop an EXCLSIVE (!!) track for him, look below for “Winning” 😎. 


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
I’m Max Marz, aka Double M, I wanna tell the world that I’m a rockstar.

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
Well the people around me, like my peers. I believe everything is a friendly competition but I also wanna add something new. So overall just my peers.

Who are some producers you work with?
My main producer 180Dazz, Ghoulavelii, myself, and Alien $lim.

Are you affiliated with any artists or crews?
Nah, it’s just Double M.


Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
I’m not releasing my next full length project until Bujemane‘s on it.

Is your bitch bad or boujee?
She’s both.

You have done a lot of work with Ghoulavelii and Alien $lim in particular, what’s the history behind you working with those guys?
Basically in 2014 through a mutual friend I met Alien $lim because we both made music. I was actually gonna quit rap and he encouraged me to keep going and believe in myself because he believed in me. We clicked up and I started going to his house and recording at his home studio and I met Ghoulavelii through Alien $lim because those fools went to middle or high school together. I was going to a technical college in Tacoma and Ghoul was basically like “Come through”, and we’ve been kickin’ it everyday, literally. On that note, the summer of 2016, Ghoul asked me to come on tour with him. We weren’t even tight like that, but that tour was something special.

You played one of the early Toe Jam shows. How was that experience looking back on it and seeing how big Toe Jam has become now?
Yeah I played Toe Jam 4. I actually played a verse at the first Toe Jam and that shit was crazy. The fourth one was even more lit, niggas was getting pushed off stage, it was chaos. That never really happened to me before and that experience was really helpful to me because I learned a lot about the stage and how to control the stage. For future shows I know how to operate.


Do you have any standout stories or memories from the tour with Ghoul in summer 2016?
Yeah basically after the show with Slug Christ that Ghoulavelii played we went to this pizza spot and ate, and after we were trying to figure out where we were gonna go and we didn’t really know so everyone that was on tour ended up curving in the parking lot. We were two cars deep and when I woke up there was like two people on the concrete, and that was the craziest shit to me. We were really out there, like, out there and I’ll never forget that. That really showed me a lot about this music shit.

When Can we expect your next project to drop?
August 25th The World Of Max is dropping.

Anything Else?
I just wanna keep the peace, spread love. I’m a rockstar and I’ma show the world.

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