Underground Hype: MistaDC

By: Carrick Wenke

Photos By: Tre Michael James

So, other than seeing MistaDC’s name attached to a few things here and there (most notably a couple features on Travis Thompson songs and collabs with SamuraiDel), I wasn’t too familiar with him. One day I was on Twitter and saw ParisAlexa retweet his brand new track “Sunrays” and I decided it was time to give this dude a listen. I listened to it, and then I listened again, and then like an hour later I’d realized I’d listened to is like 25 times in a row and I asked myself “why do I keep hitting repeat on this song?”. The answer is BECAUSE THE SONG IS A MASTERPIECE. It sounds like literally how we all feel inside, like I listen to it and wanna just go on a cute picnic date in like the middle of May where it’s nice and sunny out but it’s not like unbearably hot, and just like take cute selfies with the girl I’m with. I kinda just trailed off but what I’m trying to get at is it has the best of both worlds of the happy beginning part, leading into the darker more somber part. Basically it was at that point that point that I decided I was only gonna listen to this song everyday for like a week and that I HAD to interview MistaDC and figure out where he came from and why he’s such a dope dude etc. etc.. Listen to “Sunrays” if you haven’t already.


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
My name is David “MistaDC” Chaney, and I am an artist, not a rapper, R’nB artist, or anything like that. I am a musician artist, who likes to explore the sound in the world of music. I am excited for the world to hear that music.

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
I would say a lot of artist from today. Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, anything like that. But I’d also have to say Andre (3000), Outkast, people who like to go out of the norm with music are my big inspirations when it comes to how they make music and everything like that.

Who are some producers you work with?
Definitely Kyo KenSamuraiDelSoultanz. I been working with a lot of new producers, they don’t really have a name yet I should say, but they definitely are their own individual people. I definitely have been working with those three the most right now.

Are you affiliated with any artists or crews?
I work with Travis Thompson sometimes. I know we have been kinda in the mix of working on another song together. Paris and The Cosmos. Soultanz, they’re also an artist/duo producer group. SamuraiDel, I don’t know if he’d be considered an artist but he’s definitely a producer, same with Kyo Ken. Those are the main ones so far in the local scene.

Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
I know that on a bigger level I’d love to work with Childish Gambino, Donald Glover. I think right now that dude is my main inspiration, and I would love to just meet the dude. That dude is just tight as hell. Dave B would be really dope to work with. I know I’ve talked to him maybe once or twice and dude is a dope guy, I’d love to work with him.


Is your bitch bad or boujee?
Oh she is bad and boujee, bro! But a good boujee, not like one of those ‘you don’t wanna take her out because she’s so boujee’ and people are like “ugh she’s boujee”. Or like ‘not take her home to mama’ kinda boujee. She’s one of those that can be boujee in a good way, if that makes sense. She’s so boujee that other dude’s are like “ok ok, I can see that!”. It could be the same way for her too! I could end up being a bad and boujee dude. I don’t know if she thinks I could be boujee in a tasteful way or an untasteful way.

Most recently you dropped your single “Sunrays”, which to me is a masterpiece. I’ve probably listened to that song 1,000 times, which is a realistic estimate of how many times I’ve listened to it. How did you create that song? What went into the creative writing process?
Well “Sunrays”, the story behind it came from this kid from my hometown in Tri-Cities, his name is Cooper Ellison. I’ve been writing in the perspective of other people lately to be in a different creative aspect and get out of my writers block, I’ve been trying to write in another perspective other than my own. The story behind it is the perspective of Cooper’s girlfriend mainly, but also his family and his loved ones. Cooper passed away and it really devastated everybody. I’m from a small town so everyone kinda knows everybody over there. I don’t wanna go too in detail of how he died or anything, but I just know it really hurt everybody. The song was written in the perspective of Unique, and the family and friends, leaving too soon and feeling kinda lost without that person and imagining all of the good times they had with Cooper, but at the same time kinda going back to reality thinking “Damn, I’m not going to be able to have those good times anymore”. So I made it in the perspective that it’s kind of universal so everyone can feel it, not saying specific names in the song. It’s supposed to be a sad-beautiful masterpiece. The creative process kind of came when me, Kyo Ken, and Andu, Andu is one of the other producer/engineers we work with when we get together. It kind of came out of a little bit of a jam session, they were playing the piano and Andu was on the bass and I just kinda started singing. Obviously I was singing with the pain she was feeling and it kinda came about. It was definitely not what it was in the beginning, it was a long process for that song. It was one of those songs where I felt like I really wanted to share that with her specifically because when it happened I didn’t know how to approach her and say “I’m sorry for your loss, I’m sorry for everything happening”. Obviously I know she was sad, they’d been together for 6 years or something, and it was just one of those things I didn’t know how to approach. I feel like the only way I was able to approach her was a song through her. It was kind of a weird way to say “I’m sorry for your loss”, and I almost thought it was a selfish way at first, but she really appreciated it and I know the family appreciated it too.


I have already categorized it as a Seattle Soul classic, that being said, what would you say are your top 5 Soul songs or albums from any era or any region?
Damn, that’s actually kinda heavy. When it comes to making something like that I never really made something like that before, and I never really listened to songs like that. But I mean, I group up off of Hip Hop and R’nB, so I guess my inspirations or top 5 artists when it comes to when it comes to Soul? I would say artists because I never really listen to each album, but it would be D’Angelo. Also when Mos Def would do some more soulful stuff, that shit was tight to me. You stumped me on this one! D’Angelo would be one, but he’s more of a neo-soul artist. I don’t know how to get at you on that one, that might have to be for another interview! If we’re going on a very poppy soul, Michael Jackson is hands down my dude. I feel bad that everyone has to look at personality and talent to determine if they like a person, but that’s how it is. Everyone looks at Michael Jackson as this rapist dude, and won’t accept his talent. It’s really shitty. It’s one of those medians where you don’t wanna look like the bad guy that supports someone who did something like that, but you still wanna love the dudes music.

Within the last year you dropped a collab EP with SamuraiDel called MistaSamurai. How did that collab come about?
Me and Alex have known each other since middle school, we’re from the same small town 4 hours away from here. We’ve always made music together, even when he moved to Spokane. He’d send me beats and I’d just kinda rap or sing to them, mostly rap to them though. After High School, 2014 is when I graduated, and I moved over here to Seattle because I wanted to pursue music and do some college shit. He was pretty much the only person I knew over here, but obviously I ended up growing and finding people to work with. He’s like “Yo we should work on an EP!” and I had done a song on his EP called “Rose Petals”. That was one of my first songs I recorded with him, and people were really fucking with it. To me, not my best work. I like it for what it was and that people like it, but I wasn’t expecting that amount of love from people. He’s the one who pitched it and I was like “Yeah let’s do it”, and we started working on MistaSamurai. That was his first project of working on more of an EDMish, Poppy sound without samples. He’s used to more of a boom-bap sound with lots of samples, where I was used to doing a lot of rapping and not singing too much. This was the first project where I strictly did singing and not really rapping. It was kinda new for both of us, so we kinda went at it with a fresh perspective. It was really fun to work on because it was a new way of making music and it helped us grow a lot and it helped us make our future projects. SamuraiDel is one of my favorite producers. Obviously he’s a homie, he’s a brother, but I feel like dude needs more of a bigger platform. People are sleeping on him.

When Can we expect your next project to drop?
Sometime this year, 2017, if not early 2018.

Anything Else?
Expect a couple more songs to pop up here soon. I’m trying to stay away from social media too much because it depresses the shit outta me sometimes, and I don’t like how ignorant some people can be. But at the same time I love it because people can support me and love me. But yeah, just expect a couple songs to be popping up soon. Me and Kyo Ken are gonna be releasing another song probably sometime this month. Expect something dope.

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