Underground Hype: Scotty Sensei

By: Carrick Wenke

You heard it here first, Scotty Sensei is one of the next big things coming out of Seattle. Wow. The depth in his music is undeniable, whether it be the smooth late 90’s, almost R’nb groove of “Rituals” or the laid back swagger of “IDK” (which has amazing accompanying visuals), Scotty definitely has tapped into a sound that could stand the test of time. Along with his main producer Dextro, he created the Anime House movement, but don’t think that he’s making uninspired Soundcloud anime rap. There’s no anime samples here, it’s more of a frame of mind and spiritual feeling, which you too can feel in listening to his music. 


Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
My name is Scott, I go by Scotty Sensei. I acquired that name through fucking with anime and also just feeling like I have hella bars and feeling like I have the ability to teach the world something. Initially that was one of my main goals with this shit. I don’t know, I guess I just wanna have the ability to be myself and have people fuck with it and create a career out of it and have other people that I came up with also have careers doing the shit we love.

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
There’s a lot, I’d say my biggest inspiration ever would be Kid Cudi. He’s probably my number 1 top dog for that kinda shit. Emotionally, and understanding the type of music that he makes and making me wanna express as well. One of my other big ones is Blu from Blu and Exile. He’s been one of my biggest inspirations for a long time and I ended up meeting him which was so dope. Those two would be my biggest people, but one of the things that really pushes me to do this shit is my spiritual beliefs. I feel like we are in charge of a lot of things that go on around us and I almost wanna be able to prove to myself that these theories are real. I feel like I can do what I wanna do through whatever attraction and manifestation I can create, whatever reality I wanna create for myself. It’s almost like I wanna prove to myself that I can make it happen.

Who are some producers that you work with?
Dextro has been the one that I’ve worked with forever. Me and him have had this chemistry ever since we started making music, and it stuck. On some legendary duo type shit, on some Pete Rock & CL Smooth shit, that’s how we feel. We have like 2 albums together and everything else that I’ve done for the most part has been with him. I’ve always been in house with him so it’s always been a dope relationship. It’s a pretty slim list. I haven’t really been fucking with anybody else because I feel like he’s so god damn talented and I feel like we have such good chemistry that I haven’t ever reached out to anybody else. I feel like it’s gonna start getting more to where I reach out to people, like me and Tre (Ross) have that joint with Lord Fubu, and me and Salem (Black) have a song with this dude that goes by k.u.d.z.u., but definitely Dextro for the most part. He’s about to put on, people are gonna see this dudes talent. He’s also my engineer, my mix/master, my DJ, he’s everything.

Are you affiliated with any other artists or crews?
Yeah so right now we have our own shit called Anime House, that’s basically me and Dextro, and my other roomate Soul Trap. He’s fucking dope, put him on the list of producers I work with because I’ve been fucking with him. We haven’t made a lot of music together, I actually just recorded my first verse on one of his beats the other day so it was pretty dope. Recently we’ve been linking up with Kellen Howe and through him I met a bunch of people. We met this guy who wanted to make a group and we made this cypher video and that’s how the whole Tung Shui thing sprouted out of my relationship with Kellen. It’s basically me, Nobi, Tytuus and Raven (Matthews) is sort of a part of it, there’s quite a few of them. We’re kind of fucking with each other, it’s not really a closed group yet so nobody knows whose in it but we’ve got some affiliates. It’s pretty lit, we’re gonna do a bunch of cyphers and videos and shit like that and eventually we’re gonna start getting shows booked for all of us on some super gang Wu Tang shit.


Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
I would really like to work with Meechie Darko from Flatbush Zombies, that would be really fun. I worked with Blu and I thought that was super cool. AK from the Underachievers. Kid Cudi because that’s my biggest inspiration. Travis Scott because I fucking love Travis Scott. Those are big reaches but they’re still goals of mine.

Is your bitch bad or boujee?
Not that boujee, definitely bad.

How did you and Dextro get your partnership started and create Anime House?
Originally I met Dextro through my best friends brother. My best friends brother’s name is Luke, and through Luke I met Colin, which is Dextro. We actually started a little group when we were in Bellingham called The Cinematics, and we were this boom bap sorta group. We started doing shows and that’s how I got my original name out there in the Bellingham area, we were doing shows and selling merch and put a tape out which was lowkey kinda trash but for the time it was kinda cool. Ended up splitting up in a way, the dude Luke who introduced me to Dextro kinda stopped fucking with us and me and Dextro had the chemistry which I think is why we split up. It was just like me and Dextro really clicked, so we started making music together. The Cinematics stopped being a thing and I changed my Soundcloud to Scotty Sensei, and changed my Facebook, we basically switched the accounts all over to that shit to be solo artists. The Anime House thing started because we were watching anime and listening to house music. You know how producers name their beats random shit? We named this beat “anime house” and we kept that name and when we were uploading the album to iTunes, it asked for a record label and we were thinking about it and decided on Anime House. Our crib is the Anime House, it’s dope. We’re still fucking with each other and we live together.

What was the change in scenes from Bellingham to Seattle?
I’m originally not from Bellingham, I’m from Canada and I lived there the first ten years of my life. I then moved to Blaine, WA which is kinda close to Bellingham and once I got a car and met hella people I started being in Bellingham all the time. I started making music in Bellingham when I was 18 and that’s where we kinda got our little following. The Bellingham scene was chill, it was really me and a couple other people from my generation that were 18, 19, that were rapping and we did the most we coulda done but nobody was really fucking with us. It seems like in Bellingham there’s lots of talent and shit, there was some kids out here that were pretty dope, but I feel like since it’s a small college town, there’s not really enough people to support good local music as much as we would want them to. After I headlined the Wild Buffalo and did my release show there we moved to Seattle and I knew some people, but we had to make that step.


When Can we expect your next project to drop?
With the whole Tung Shui thing I think were gonna have some sort of an EP, but we’re probably not gonna drop that until we’ve created a little bit better of a following with some singles and videos and shit. That’s probably not gonna be for some time until 2018. As far as solo shit, I haven’t really put a lot of thought into an album yet, I put an album out probably 9 months ago, and it’s a lot of work. I think it’s more important to build a fanbase over less music so they have quality over quantity. If you drop an album you might get one to two thousand plays on the first song and by the end of the album you only have 400 plays. I’m gonna focus on videos and I have a really cool idea for a song I just made which isn’t done but I have a sick ass idea and me and Kellen are gonna make some dope shit. He’s the fucking plug by the way, he’s about to blow the fuck up.

Anything else?
Stoked for this show, that’s gonna be cool, first Seattle show. Expect to see more of me because I feel like being in Seattle for 7 or 8 months I finally feel like I’m stepping my foot in the door a little bit and shit is gonna start moving faster.

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