Underground Hype: SkyScraperShawty

Interview by: Carrick Wenke

There’s something that enticed me about a 6’7 guy who calls himself SkyScraperShawty, and keeps his raps filled with Anime references. I’m definitely a big fan of all of the Anime influenced rap that is and has been coming out as of the past few years, and I definitely would put SkyScraperShawty in the list of people who are doing it best. It doesn’t come off as corny or forced, he includes said references in his songs tastefully, and uses his unique laid back flow to make it all come full circle. Recently, SkyScraperShawty embarked on his Based World road to sobriety, but is continuing to work on music from a different frame of mind, and is working on his collective Skee Club’s up coming tape.


Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

Yo I’m gonna try to say this so it doesn’t sound like a tinder-bio. I’m SkyScraperShawty, I’m 21, and I fucking love the new wave of underground hip-hop that exists today. Big shout-out to all of the online community, Based World, and Lil B. I’m PositiveThuggin and enjoying life as much as I can. If you wanna know more about my story just listen to my music. I rap about anime and psychedelic experiences alot because those are some of my favorite things, but I’ve also been through some hard fucking times with homelessness, drug addiction, and overall shitty life struggles. However, I’ve got 90 days clean and sober today, and I feel like a Super Saiyan. I’m excited about the future.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

Sex, Drugs, and life in general inspires me, really anything that can make me feel some type of way is going to make me wanna create some art, whether its in a visual medium or through my music. Whenever me and my friends would eat some acid or shrooms  and thizz we would just kick it and trip balls and make beautiful music. I miss those days. Shouts out to the UnderBlotter Scuba Squad and The big dog trip house.


Who Are Some Producers That You Work With?

I fuck with a lot of producers that have hit me up on SoundCloud or Facebook. Honestly, you would be surprised with the amount of talented producers with less than 1k followers. Currently I’m working on a project with my bro Dior Daze.

Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

I’m fucking with Skee Club, Thizzrael, and a few other rappers in the Seattle area. Most of my close friends are really talented artists so I’m just keeping a small circle right now.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

In no particular order I would like to work with Xavier Wulf, Slug Christ, Black Kray, Dylan Ross, Lil B, Young Thug, Ruben Slikk, Chance The Rapper, Father, MF DOOM, King Krule, and Mac Demarco. There’s probably more artists I would like to work with I just got tired of listing them.


Who is God Blessin’?

God is blessin the man who ain’t stressin Yaerdme?

If you had to pick, what are your top 3 Animes?

Hentai, Hentai, and Hentai. JK, but its hard to pick only 3, I guess right now I would say Parasite, Space Dandy, and any Studio Ghibli movie.

You are currently working on the “Skee Club” tape. What are the origins of Skee Club?

Skee Club started when I was trappin with my boy $milesG, North of Seattle. I honestly don’t even really remember how the name came about, I think we were just really keyed and one of us was wearing a ski mask asking the people in the apartment if they wanted to join the Skee Club. Since then i’ve inducted a few new members, including my twin brother Yung Samurai, and I’m currently working on a clothing line as well as our collective’s album.


You recently embarked on your road to sobriety do you care to speak on your realization that you needed to do that and how has the journey been so far?

Honestly when my drug use went from poppin molly and eating acid and shrooms, to xans and lean, to full blown heroin and meth addiction, I knew it was time to stop. I was tired of living that lifestyle. Since I’ve gotten clean my life has gotten better than I imagined that it could. Im achieving a lot of goals that I’ve set for myself, and I’m happy right now forsure.



When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

March 2nd, on my 22nd birthday, I’ll be releasing the first Skee Club Tape.

Anything Else?

Yeah much love to everyone who’s fuckin’ with my music right now. Also if you didn’t know my name is SkyScraperShawty because I’m 6’7. Swaggur. #TYBG.

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