Underground Hype: Solar Sam

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

Photos By: Zach Fajardo

The journey of the artist now known as Solar Sam has been a long one. Originally going by “Svmmy Boi” and then “Pagoda”, Sam dropped a few songs and videos a couple years ago before dropping off the map to find himself as an artist and work on his craft, to return as Solar Sam, with fresh new visuals provided by Wiggy, for the Anvil produced track “Rain Fall”. Not only is Sam one of my best bahdis, but he is in my opinion one of the most unique artists out of Seattle, and along with Anvil (who is producing his whole album) is going to make a name for himself soon based off of sheer talent, and I’m proud to have watched his growth as an artist thus far.


Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

My name is Solar Sam, and I just wanna make the world happy because it can kinda be fucked up, and I just wanna be a little bit of brightness in people.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

I’d say it’s less of who and more of what. The experiences I have, the relationships I have, the ways I feel. I don’t know, I just wanna express myself as an individual, but at the same time give people something they can relate to. Not on some cliche shit, I really wanna make music people can relate to and really feel.

Who Are Some Producers You Work With?

Right now I pretty much exclusively work with my friend Anvil, I met him through Wiggy about a year ago. We’re really close friends now. I also do a lot of work with my friend Lysander, who I haven’t seen in a long time, but we will be making music soon enough. I also work with my friend Kwallo, he works with another guy I work with named Billy Otis, they’re both really cool. Eric Butter, this guy who lives in Lil Soda Boi’s basement, he makes beats for me too and he’s got that “you know what”.


Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

Like I said, Billy Otis definitely, very cool guy, smooth individual. Lil Soda Boi most definitely. Me and him have known each other since early on in high school. I fuck with a lot of people who make music, but I haven’t really made music with anyone else because I’ve been trying to work on myself and establish myself as a musician, but I am interested in working with people in the future. Right now, I don’t really affiliate with too many artists because I’m trying to focus on myself at the end of the day. I do also fuck with all my Bahdis.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

Like I said, I’m trying to focus on myself and not really go outta my way to work with anyone else, but in the future? Syd from The Internet would be cool. I think Allan Kingdom, or Kirk Knight, or Alex Wiley would be cool. Definitely local people too, anyone in Seattle that’s doing their thing, and just being honest and making music and say something.


Who is God Blessin’?

God is blessin’ the Bahdis.

Explain the Timeline Of Your Monikers, Svmmy Boi, to Pagoda, to now Solar Sam?

Svmmy Boi is what people would call me in high school, so I went with that. When I started making music I wasn’t really taking it that seriously, and so I just didn’t take it very serious when I was thinking of a name. When I came up with Pagoda, I think I was overthinking it. While I feel like I do kinda relate to that word and name, it doesn’t really make sense to use something like that as  a name for myself. As much as I thought it was a cool idea, I think I was over doing it, I just kinda wanted to stick to myself, as Sam. The “Solar” part, I just want to be something that can brighten up your day, whether that means making positive music, or making some sad shit that you can relate to and help you get through what you’re going through.

How Did You And Anvil Link To Work On Your Up Coming Collaborative Project?

Man, me and Anvil met a while ago through Wiggy. For some reason because of his beard I thought this dude was like 24 years old so we weren’t really kickin’ it, but I ran into him a couple times. Then we were really kickin’ it and I found out he was younger than me and he sent me a couple beats that I was writing to. Once we started kickin’ it I realized that we could make music together on the spot from scratch where he will start with the production and I can come up with lyrics and melodies and stuff like that. A lot of the time we’re kind of feeling the same way, whether that means we’re bumming out over some girls, or we’re feeling hyped about what we’re doing, you know, we just feel the same way and our music sounds dope together. Since I met him I’ve started going down to Portland a lot to make music down there with him and he’s always in Seattle working. Me and him and Wiggy are gonna go down to L.A. this week and really start putting out music and filming more videos.

What was your favorite late 90s/early 2000s Disney channel original movie?

I was a baby in the 90’s so I was watching Teletubbies.


When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

It really depends on when we record it because the beats are done and the lyrics are done, we just need to get it all recorded. I hope that we have several videos out by the end of July and that the album comes out late July or early August.

Anything Else?

I’m just gonna let the music speak for itself.

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