Underground Hype: SOUP! & ZoeRonny

By: Carrick Wenke

Okkkkk it’s official that all my favorite artists are from Tacoma these days. I first disvoered both 4900’s SOUP! and OMO’s ZoeRonny, both this year, but I am quickly getting up to speed on their careers. Originally I heard Zoe when he performed with us at the Ghoulavelii headline back in January, and was fuckin’ with him so I was like “yup I’m gonna peep his soundcloud soon”. Not long after that I was talking with Yung Fern and he told me about a collab in the works with SOUP! and I figured if bro’s name was “Soup” that I would for sure like him. Eventually I discovered both of their Soundcloud’s and they’ve been on non-stop repeat since. I swear I have slapped every song off each of their profiles in my home girl’s car when we do Postmates order lol. For real though, keep and eye out for these guys this summer…

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Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?
SOUP!: I’m Lil Soup and I want y’all to know that I’m not playin! 4900 is the wave bro, we coming man.
ZoeRonny: Gang Gang! ZoeRonny, OMO nigga. I wanna tell the world that it’s On My Own, 4900/OMO. You know how we rockin’.
SOUP!: He’s so hood! (laughs)

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?
SOUP: I’d have to say Michael Jackson, to be real with you. Curren$y. And then outside inspiration would have to be Lil Money, and my uncle that passed away, R.I.P., man.
Zoe: I’d have to say Gucci, for that trap. People say I don’t get down, but I get down with a little Sade. I fuck with Erykah Badu, I get down with that shit! Outside of that, my grandparents. They passed away, rest in peace, I do it for them, my family, my sister, my niece, I do it for them.
SOUP!: Shout out Three 6 Mafia too.

Who are some producers you work with?
SOUP!: We work with Lil Bread. I work with Xanbaby. Alien$lim. Gary. I just met up with a couple producers out of Florida, and I can’t name any names yet, but I got you.
Zoe: I fuck with my big bro Gary. I work with aka Big Bitter, my nigga Ghoulavelii. I work with my nigga Max Marz, he makes some hard ass beats. My nigga Alien$lim, shout out Alien$lim, y’all need to go listen to that shit, that 180Dazz.
SOUP!: Dazz is playin! He won’t send me nothing!
Zoe: You need to go hit my nigga Christian for that art. Shout out Toronto!

Are you affiliated with any artists or crews?
SOUP!: Yeah, OMO, ZoeRonny, Max Marz, Alien$lim, Yung Faceplant, Ghoulavelii, :30, Shawn Parker, Eazy EQ, just a lot. The whole Tacoma, we coming up as a scene.
Zoe: I see we’re working together more and getting tremendous things out of it. Music is supposed to bring us together, not no beef or nothing, beef is ugly. That’s gonna make our city look ugly and we’re trying to raise our city up. Shout out Marshall, TX too. I was born in Seattle but I was raised in Texas so I’m a Texas boy.
SOUP!: He’s not playin. Shout out The Blow Up too, man.


Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?
SOUP!: I wanna work with everyone I named, but as of now I’m ducked off. I’m only fuckin’ with the gang, so 4900 at the moment. Everyone will get y’all turns, I’m sending stuff don’t trip.
Zoe: Shout out Buje…
SOUP!: Hold on, hold on, hold on. My nigga Buje. Red Zone!
Zoe: Buje blessed me to be on his tape. Max Marz for sure. SOUP!. I been working with Yung Fern, he’s my favorite artist for real.
SOUP!: How did I forget Fern! Smack my hand my nigga
*SOUP! holds hand out, Zoe smacks it*
Zoe: I’m about to do some songs with Gary. He try to be lowkey but he be in there getting his thing on. Aramis is back to producing, he shoot me some beats. I work with Ta7j, shout out Ta7j. Ta7j got some shit coming out soon. Who I really wanna work with production wise is Ghoulavelii aka Big Bitter, you know what I’m sayin’? I really wanna get some shit with him for real.

Is your bitch bad or boujee?
SOUP!: Oh, god damn hold up..
*Both start singing “Bad & Boujee”
SOUP!: My bitch is a nice wholesome lady, but that ass fat.
Zoe: My bitch, that’s my woman, she bad and boujee for real. You not coming with the bread, you ain’t getting nothing! You can’t be no broke boy and have a woman, if you broke, you have a little girl.  (laughs)

How did 4900 and OMO start?
SOUP!: 4900 started in a one bedroom studio on Kushman Avenue in downtown Tacoma, aka Lil Bread’s apartment. I was in there posted with my nigga Tracy, Lil Bread, Alien$lim, Max Marz, and I was rapping. These niggas were like “you gotta rap” and I was like “I don’t really care about rapping, you feel me”, but I wanted to be there. They put me on a beat, I dropped my first song “Call Me Soup” and from there I was SOUP! and these are my niggas 4900 Muddhouse. I contributed the 4900 from my block and made Muddhouse, so that’s just been that. I met this ugly ass nigga…where’d I meet you at?
Zoe: My nigga you met me at the Toe Jam!
SOUP!: He said he seen me around town fuckin’ with these hoes, but that’s a whole other statement. We met at Toe Jam and people were connecting us to get in the studio, and from there it was history. Bro just always been generous and shit so that’s family.
Zoe: OMO stands for “On My Own”. I was going through a rough time in life, I’m not gonna get into that, but I was going through a rough time in life and I just figured sometimes you gotta face shit on your own. You’re not gonna get it in life unless you do it on your own. Nobodies gonna put money in your pocket, you gotta do it on your own. At the end of the day I just got up, I said I was gonna live life on my own. I got friends all around me, but I’m gonna live life on my own, singularly. I brought my homies in, these are my day 1’s. Shout out my nigga Ant, shout out my nigga Odessa, shout out my nigga Dante, shout out my nigga Soloman, he’s doing his thing in thing in Football, him and Jared. Shout my nigga Ricky, shout out my nigga Gianni. We OMO. These are my bros, this is my family. Everyone wanna have a gang nowadays, but this is my family. These are my day 1’s, I kick it with them everyday, I don’t kick it with nobody else. 4900 we all clicked and came together, we all got eachother, we’re all brothers.


When Can we expect your next project to drop?
SOUP!: I’m dropping music for the rest of this month, after this I’m not dropping anything else. I got a tape coming August 23rd, that’s my birthday, we’re gonna have a release party. I should be dropping a video in the process of these months, but if these niggas not acting right, it’s not coming. I did just drop a song called “I’m Cool”, so go check that out. Check out that “Damn” too.
Zoe: I just dropped a project in March, ZoeMode 2.0. That’s got some hard production, shout out Gary, shout out my nigga Ghoulavelii. They really helped me out. Shout out SOUP!, shout out Fern. I wish I could have put more people on there.

Anything Else?
SOUP!: Stop acting like hoes for real! Like he said earlier, there’s no reason you should not be supporting each other. This is town business no matter what town you’re from. You’re supposed to uplift whoever is from the town you’re from this is not a competition, it’s not that serious. Money is always gonna be there. If you’re doing music just to have it be a competition, don’t do it. Play a video game, play a sport. You do music because you like it and you do music with other people so you can develop and get better, get known. But at the end of the day, follow me, Instagram @SOUP4900, Twitter @SOUP4900. Shout out my gang, shout out OMO, shout out the whole town. Shout out St. Louis, as well.
Zoe: Shout out my nigga Lil Traphouse, I need some work with that nigga for real.
SOUP!: Shout out The Blow Up, too man. Shout out my nigga right here.
Zoe: Shout out Blow Up. Like SOUP! said, not one person is gonna bring this town up, we need everybody. We need everybody to work together and get on the same page. Music shouldn’t make you beef, it should make you come together, it’s a powerful thing. Even if you can’t rap, if you trying I’m never gonna knock you. Hate is an ugly thing and an ugly word, and I hate saying it, and I just said it.
SOUP!: Unless it’s an ugly bitch and she’s trying to get on you. I hate ugly bitches. (laughs) Sike I love you.

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