Underground Hype: Yohiness

Interview: Carrick Wenke

Not until recently has Seattle and it’s surrounding cities Tacoma, Federal Way, etc. been able to bridge the gap and work together musically, and while it still isn’t fully open yet, artists like Yohiness are certainly trying. Yohiness, whose smooth soulful style tells his everyday story, is not only trying to put himself on but get some exposure for other Rappers from Federal Way. Fresh off of his video single “The Moore Theory”, featuring Jay Morrison, Yohiness plans to drop his first project next week, Another Short Ass EP, following 2014’s, Eviction.


Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

Straight to it. I mean, I’m Yohiness, and I just wanna tell my story, and you know, really just coming up from the suburbs and being real close to the city, I wanna tell that part. Really just let people know what’s going on in Federal Way, and how we came up. That’s my main purpose, my main vision.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

I would honestly say the people around me. I tell a lot of stories of what’s going on with my friends, my father, my little brother. You know, shit like that. The people around me inspire me the most.

Who Are Some Producers That You Work With?

Right now I work with Justin Hartinger, he’s real heavy in EDM right now. He’s like a resident at Q, and Aston Manor. He just had a track released under Borgore. B3NDER, he used to run a place over in West Seattle called Safehouse Studios, I’ve been working close with him.

Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

Jay Morrison, you know, LeYankn. That’s who I fuck with a lot. I love :30. I grew up with Sheed, and shit, me and him are pretty tight. Scoob, those are the homies. Other than that, I fuck with a lot of Federal Way cats, not too many other rap artists in the scene. I’m really getting my feet wet now, so.

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Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

Locally, probably Porter Ray, I love his music he’s dope as fuck. Dave B, he’s sick. Tre Ross, him too, I fuck with his music, he’s dope. Mogli, he really surprised me a lot, I think he has a dope ass sound. His sounds kinda filthy! I fuck with that nigga, he’s tight. Other than that, all my buddies from Federal Way, Deon Laurent, I got a song with him. Deidric. Honestly bro, just a lot of people from Federal Way.

Who Is God Blessin’?

Man, God’s blessin’ everybody, if everybody would see the light! See the vision, see that gift, and if everyone would utilize that, I’d say he’s blessin’ everybody. Industry wise, I don’t know, I just seen Travis Scott, that nigga was filthy! Like I said, he’s blessin’ everybody if everybody would utilize it and wake up, eventually.

You Just Dropped The Video For “The Moore Theory” With Jay Morrison. How Did You Guys Link Up To Make The Song? What Is The Moore Theory?

Man, I wrote that song so long ago. Me and Jay Morrison are from the same city, grew up in Federal Way, and we both always knew of each other. He was kinda the big man on campus, he went to Federal Way High, I went to Decatur, and so that was always bound to happen. He was always doing his thing and I was always laid back, but I sent him the verse and he was like “Yeah I’m Fuckin’ with it”. Honestly the nigga freestyled it, bro. I straight up watched the man record it, G-O-D, the nigga straight freestyled the verse. As far as the video, we just were gonna have some fun and not be too flashy or flamboyant. We went to the homies house and got some dope lights and just knocked that out. That’s some everyday kick it shit. As for “The Moore Theory”, I was reading this book and it’s like, “The Moore Theory” is like, as soon as you put something out, it decreases. That’s the main thing of the Moore Theory, it decreases. That’s how I came up with that, we want the money that the higher up’s are making, instead of getting cheated out, you know? But yeah, that’s what “The Moore Theory” is.

When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

I’m dropping a project December 15th, next Tuesday. A 3 Track EP, it’s titled Short Ass EP. I haven’t really dropped a cool little body of music since 2014, my first project, Eviction, a 5 track little EP. Did a lot of House Music and shit like that on it. This next one I’m piggy-backing. Did a Sango Remix, that was dope. Man, It’s a fun little EP, real short and simple. I really enjoy it. You don’t have to change to the next track, you can just let it go through. It’s a nice sound.

Anything Else?

Look out for more Federal Way artists. There’s a lot more talent outside of Seattle and Tacoma. I wish more people would open their eyes and look outside the politics. That’s my main vision, man, I hate the politics of the shit that plays on in our city. There’s so much dope talent that needs to be seen, and that’s why I credit you guys a lot, you guys are putting a platform down for people and that’s major for us.

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