Underground Hype: Yung Fern

By: Carrick Wenke

When I first discovered Ghoulavelii right around the time Horchata & Hennessy came out, I was immediately hooked. With the first feature on the tape being another name I was at the time unfamiliar with, I figured what better place to start researching than there. That name was Yung Fern, and the first taste I got was “Closed Casket” where Fern’s baritone voice states “lonely, sad and faded that’s just the lifestyle” and I was ready for more. Turns out he dropped like 100 projects in 2016 alone (obviously it wasn’t really 100 but I wanna point out his work ethic is unmatched) which means plenty of turnt ass music for me to get lit to. Look to Weekend At Fernies for one of my fav projects of the year 🙂 

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Who are you? What do you wanna tell the world about yourself?

My name is Yung Fern, and I don’t really wanna tell the world anything about myself honestly.

What/Who are your main inspirations for making music?

My main inspirations are my friends, family, Gang Starr, and Slipknot.

Who are some producers you work with?

I mainly work with Big Bitter, but I also work with Gary Ferguson, and that’s pretty much it.

Are you affiliated with any artists or crews?

I’m affiliated with 47, which is Boiler Boyz Entertainment, and Ghoulavelii, everybody that’s in that group. I fuck with :30, ILLFIGHTYOU, Peasant Boys, and pretty much everybody from Tacoma that isn’t lame.

Who are some artists you wish to work with in the future?

That’s a hard one. I really wanna work with at least X-Raided, Brotha Lynch Hung. Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, the obvious ones. I really wanna work with Peasant Boys because for some reason we haven’t done that yet, but that’s gonna happen soon. I really wanna do a collaboration split with Slipknot too. If that doesn’t happen I’ll kill myself.

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Is your bitch bad or boujee?

Both. She’s super boujee.

How did you get involved with Boiler Boyz?

I met Gabe (Ghoulavelii) through a mutual friend of ours and we did one song like two years ago, and pretty much after that he asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and make music with them and it kinda snowballed from there. We started working and working and pretty much just hanging out everyday and working a lot.

You stated in a previous article that everything that was crazy and bad you saw growing up provided the subject matter to a lot of your lyrics. When did you realize music was going to be your outlet to express that and tell your story?

You know, there was a point where I realized that I needed to stop doing what I was doing and kinda change. I started working in Alaska and that wasn’t working out so I came back and was getting into even more trouble, so I decided I needed another outlet. That’s right around the time I met Gabe, during that time where I was trying to figure out things. So I kinda stumbled into it.

What made you decide to use Rap as that outlet instead of being the lead singer of a band?

I was really into Hardcore and Deathcore and all sorts of Metal genres, but I grew up of course listening to Hip-Hop. Being where I was I always listened to old Gangsta Rap, so I always had an admiration for Hip-Hop and wanted to do something with Hip-Hop. The reason why I chose it was it was better for my voice than being in a band. I could never be in a band as a vocalist. Hip-Hop was something I wanted to see if I could fuck with and Gabe saw something in me so I just stuck with it.


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Where does the name “Yung Fern” come from?

I really just fuck with ferns, and “Yung” was always kind of a joke. To me having “yung” in your name was kinda pathetic so I thought I’d touch on some more insecurities and stick with it, something that I hate.

When Can we expect your next project to drop?

Next project is gonna be towards the middle of summer, I’ll have something else out. That’ll be my next solo project, but right now I’m working on a split with Jack The Spitter, and I’m working on a split tape with Lil Soup. Ghoul and I have a split tape coming out soon too, we’re giving the world another one.

Anything Else?

Stop shooting people up. Don’t do really bad drugs, smoking weed is cool. Fuck Xanax, and lean is stupid. Anyone that does lean is a heroin addict. And my boy Alec is thicc.

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