Underground Hype: Zoot Leggz

Interview By: Carrick Wenke


I first heard of Zoot Leggz around Summer 2014, when she was apart of the Angel Mobb movement, a collective of artists that I all individually enjoyed. As soon as I heard the first 30 seconds of “Torrent”, and heard Zoot rejoiced in the throwback aesthetic of late 90’s Three 6 Mafia, but darker, I had found one of my favorite artists. Just listen to “Roll Up”, and tell me that doesn’t sound like it would fit perfectly into the movie River’s Edge, (if anyone besides me has seen that movie). I love 2015 and I love it’s array of amazing female rapper’s.

Who Are You? What Do You Wanna Tell The World About Yourself?

I’m Zoot Leggz, I’m a 25 year old West coast shorty. I’m chillin, I’m making music, I’m doing me. Raising my son right and proving Mom’s can still be cool and do what they love. It’s school and then I’m back in the studio. Im constantly working on music, and no one gets it. My family just started showing love when they seen me on YouTube which was funny. But I just focus on my priorities and goals, I was never into flexing my music. I just use it as an outlet, and it’s the remedy for me.

What/Who Are Your Main Inspirations For Making Music?

I go through some shit and just want to listen to beats all day and poor it all out on ’em. People doing me dirty, or just being in a good mood because it’s one of those days. I just do it because it feels good and I’m good at it. It’s a part of who I am, like a arm or a leg. It’s somewhat necessary lol. I get inspired to write when I hear some weak shit sometimes as well. I want to empower women and girls to make a lot of noise and bang around. Do what you want, but do what feels right.

Who Are Some Producers That You Work With?

I’ve worked with some of my favorite producers so far, Yung Cortex, Jonathan Cloud, Bakerphonk, NEDARB NAGROM, (#FREE) King Coldd. All young and talented, and all have their own sound.

Are You Affiliated With Any Artists Or Crews?

I’m just fucking with myself at the moment, maybe I start up my own crew.

Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Work With In The Future?

A few artists from Awful Records, Fredo Santana, Wristboa, Lil B is God, Karmah, Lil Debbie, Future, Ballout Glo, Xavier Wulf, there’s a lot of talent in the underground, I couldn’t even settle with two fistfuls.


Who Is God Blessin’?

The man who sneezed redemption

You Reside In The Playaz Paradise, Where Exactly Is The Playaz Paradise And How Is Life There?

A Playaz Paradise is where my head be in the city I’m from. It’s my paradise, sometimes you gotta depict things differently from everyone elses views and just see the world through your eyes without the influence of the world outside you. I have everything I need here. I live my life how I know too, and to me I wouldn’t change my idea of paradise for anyone. Most people talk down about this city, but I’m from here, lived here my whole life and I wouldn’t change that for the world because it will always be home. I can hit the islands or some shit but I’d always come back. Got to put my city on the map. It’s shit but it’s my shit.

How Did You Become Involved With & What Was Your Time Like Working With Schema Posse?

I got involved with schema when JGREEN had hit me up on facebook. I don’t think he knew I made music, just hit me up asking if I wanted to be a part of a team he was starting. Artists of variations and what not. I sent him my music and we was out from there. I was on a couple mixtapes and then we had a fall out. I just didn’t feel it was what you’d call a team, or I didn’t feel a part of a “team”. No hard feelings though, it’s best I work on myself and build as an individual. I did enjoy exposure to Bakerphonk’s music though, he is a very talented producer I had the honor of working with.


When Can We Expect Your Next Project To Drop?

I will be dropping Slow Fuck in October. Don’t soak yourself. Or please do.

Anything Else?

Yes, please keep creating and doing what makes you feel good and right. Don’t let the world define you, there is no one way to be. Choose the life you want to live, not what society conforms us to be. Stay progressive and stay you. I love you.

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