Uni-Fi Records “Hustle Life”


When you think of Milwaukee what probably comes to mind is Basketball, Baseball and cold winters. The last thing you would associate Milwaukee with is HipHop right? Well if you ask Vincent VanGREAT, Mike Regal & El Shareef, they would not only tell you, but show you that Milwaukee is where it’s at when it comes to Hip-Hop. These three individuals have been creating names for them selves in the burgeon Hip-Hop scene of Milwaukee. Mike Regal is a an emcee and producer who happens to be really good at both. After dominating and being crowned producer battle champ at various producer battles, Regal moved to Las Vegas to continue to expand his brand.

Triple threat Vincent VanGREAT is a Singer, Rapper and Producer who has been creating quite a name for himself over the last few months. His debut album Ungreatful has been making waves throughout the internet and has made him one of the most sort out producers in Milwaukee. Lastly El Shareef, who has always remained true to the art of Hip-Hop has released a string of singles and projects. His work ethic eventually landed him a deal with German labels Radio Juicy & Urban Waves to release a project called Matching Verts.

Today the trio have collaborated and introduce a new track titled Hustle Life, produced by White Russian & Mamyth. Hustle Life is an eclectic, funky, hip-hop track with a lot of rhythm and style that will have you nodding your head. A little signing, a little rapping but all parts good music. Take a moment and stream or download the song which is available now on all digital retail outlets, via Uni-Fi Records/EMPIRE.

Artist Name: Vincent VanGREAT, Mike Regal, El Shareef
Location: Milwaukee
Twitter: Vincent VanGREAT, El Shareef, Mike Regal

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