PREMIERE: Unkle Ricky ft. Sleep Steady “Top Down”

By: Lauren Royer

There’s some heat building in Tacoma, WA. Actually, the scene ain’t even sleeping because there is some absolute fire coming up from the City of Destiny. Sleep Steady has just dropped another banger and it’s no lie, the definition of BANGER. I actually had to repeat this song a few times cause it kept kicking me in the face. That’s nothing new for Sleep Steady though, their style is often heavy, high energy, and PUNK (and your girl can dig!). This track is gonna be on repeat as I whip around Tacoma real soon. Bump it and check what Sleep Steady had to say about it.

All of your sounds give off this straight spitfire vibe… What sparked the inspiration for this track?
We were in LA meeting with some labels last Feb. Unkle Ricky and Konrad OldMoney were in town too, so we linked and cooked up some stuff – “TOP DOWN” is one of them. Basically, we spent the previous summer making fifty-somethin demos that weren’t necessarily our typical #TRUNK flavor (trap+punk), so when we heard this shxt we just wanted to snap on it.

I super dig the instrumentals and wavy levels that are at play here! Talk about the link up with producer Unkle Ricky.
We met Unkle Ricky through Konrad OldMoney, they’ve produced a lotta shxt together. Since we met a few years ago, we just been kickin it whenever we end up in the same city. He usually doesn’t make rap beats, so this cut was a pleasant surprise. We wrote and then recorded it like 2 hours after he showed it to us.

What is driving ya’ll this year?
We’ve just finally figured it out. It’s like we spent a few years working on this puzzle and it’s all starting to coming together. We’ve got a refreshed enthusiasm to hit the grind hard again.

Where is the dopest spot to vibe in Tacoma right now?
Tacoma is just dope af. ETC always has dope shxt and they throw cool shows in there. Toe Jam at Fulcrum is lit. MSM is nom noms. Frisko Freeze after the disco steeze is clutch af. Half Pint gets lit. Red Hot is also noms. Jazzbones duh. Real Art Tacoma is live- we opened for Mangchi and kicked it with David Choe, so that place has a super special place in our hearts that’s usually reserved for one-night stands that got away. The Flamingo Room threw the most legendary show last year: SLEEP STEADY, ILLFIGHTYOU, SEAAN BROOKS, GHOULAVELI. We call that one the Sardine Shxt show because it was packed af (inside and out) and was stanky wavy. NEW PROJECT COMING SOON #TRUNK.

Sleep Steady

Unkle Ricky

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