Webb Wavvy “Blame Webb”

By: Carrick Wenke


Returning in fine form since his last tape over a year ago SiMPLICITY 2, FiNE MALT LYRiCS ace WebbWavvy brings us his latest release through the Strong Family label, a 9 track opus entitled Blame Webb. The project kept the features to a minimum, with fellow Seattleite Foongizzle showing up on “Blame It On Me” & “Eyes See It All”, respectively. On his partnership with Foongizzle, Webb stated:

“Me and my guy met like a year ago and just been rockin’ ever since! Plotting and Smoking. Definitely more collabs, and bigger collabs in the future.”

While in the past Webb has been known more for his unique take on the popular Trap sound, especially on his collab tape earlier this year with Malcolm Rebel Not Your Man, alot of this tape shows him impelling more towards a traditional Hip Hop sound which as he stated, was due to the direction music has been heading lately.

“Honestly the state of where music is going these days made me wanna go back to the roots of Hip Hop and really give my listeners a dose of what real lyricism is. My last project was mostly Trap joints because I knew it would catch everyones eyes and ears knowing I was going to drop a Hip Hop heavy project. FINEMALT FOREVER!”


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