West Coast’s Trip Carter Keeps It Wavy

By: Lauren Royer

Amongst the line up of young blood touring from the Cali coast, Trip Carter packs an extra punch with his effortless vibes and controlled vocals. This dude stopped in Seattle the other night slipping in with Felly and Gyyps of the Mermaid Gang Tour. Here’s what I saw: a crowd of hella lit kids experiencing shit they had never experienced before- a good time.

The lyrics, beats, and connection with the crowd made for an awesome set and overall showed that Trip Carter is honing his craft beyond his years now and putting in those early grind marks. I’m gonna be interested in seeing where he takes it from here!

After checking the set, I hit Trip with some questions about what was up with his EP ‘Grown Problems’and what he’s been learning on his swift tour around the country before he returns to LA.
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What’s been your favorite city on tour so far?
Chicago definitely gets honorable mention, but LA was my favorite show because it’s my hometown. It was dope to come home and play on a stage that I’d seen a bunch of people perform on when I was a kid. Most of my family and friends came out to support and it was super lit.

How did the collab with producer Sad Money first go down?
Me and Sad Money linked up through my manager and we decided to make an EP together. The chemistry was just there and we ended up cranking out like 20 songs in 2 months.

What has it been like touring with Felly? Have you learned anything?

Touring with Fel has been an incredible experience. I’m mad grateful for the opportunity. The most important thing I’ve learned is that the crowd vibes off the performer just as much as the performer vibes off the crowd. It’s important to go up there and have a good time, no matter how you’re feeling. If you project good vibes, the crowd will respond with good vibes
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Trip Carter
Photos via Instagram

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