With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we thought we’d honor the Holiday by asking a few of our favorite artist what they’re thankful for. Want to share your gratitude? Tweet us & let us know what you’re thankful for! @theblowupco

Sneak Guapo:
The cool random thing I’m thankful for is, my birthday is actually on Thanksgiving day. I just appreciate that I get to spend my birthday Thanksgiving with my family and close friends. I appreciate we’re all healthy.

Kris Kasanova:
I’m thankful for all my experiences good and bad that has pushed me to want more for myself and for the ppl around me. Thankful to have had the ability to see certain situations and turn them into a positive. Everything I’m not has made me everything I am.

Tre Redeau:
I am thankful for the ones around me who truly love me and the opportunity chase my dreams.

Kool John:
Thankful for life,family & good weed.

Keyboard Kid:
I’m Thankful Most For My Family They Motivate Me Daily..Most Thankful For My New Daughter Baby Zara! #BasedWorld Princess!

I’m thankful for DEEZ NUTS.

Donte Peace:
1 thing I’m thankful for…. I’m Extremely thankful for the family time spent together on Thanksgiving. Everyone in the fam you rarely see throughout the year in 1 house, shoes off, Fball game on, kids playing, adults toasting to another year and sharing old stories and laughing non-stop…Theres nothing better.

All I could come up with is rhythm lol I’m thankful for rhythm because I had no idea it wasn’t universal until I heard off best music lol

Gerald Walker:
I’m thankful for love on this holiday. My opinion is that the greatest gift to us is love. Love from the Creator, love of family and friends. And life itself. Happy holidays from Gerald Walker and the Family

We hope everyone enjoys your Thanksgiving <3

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