What I’m Thankful For: Nacho Picasso, P2TheGoldMa$k, Ryan Caraveo + more

Thanksgiving holds a different meaning to us all, but one thing everyone can agree on is being thankful for something or someone that has positively affected them. When it comes to some of the Rappers we know, it’s really up in the air as to what they’re gonna say they’re thankful for (whether it’s Weed, and Big Booties, or their Family and Team supporting them), so take a look at what some of them told us they’re thankful for this year:

cam-the-macCam The Mac: “I’m thankful for the Gift of Communication.”

14723491_1198527440208280_3388607472875864064_nBassKidsOnTheBeat: “1 . Most thankful for God because with out him nothing would be possible! So we always gotta give thanks to the most high. 2. Thankful for my family , my Mom especially for havin’ me stay on the right path, always leading me to do the right thing. My Dad, true father figure, taught me everything I know. Also wanna give thanks to my supporters , Everybody that rock wit the whole BassKidsOnTheBeat and Gold Vintage movement, my heart is filled with love for y’all ! 💝 3. Thankful for FL STUDIO. lol That’s been the love of my life since I was about 14 years old when I started making beats . Without FL, nobody would know who I am.”

nacho-picassoNacho Picasso: “Thankful for my Dick and so is the bitch mane.”

keyboardkid-main-200212Keyboard Kid: “I’m thankful for my family, my talent in music, and for knowing The BASEDGOD got my back on whatever I do so I can’t lose.”

the-gold-mask-dad-1-460x260P2TheGoldMa$k: “My family, my pregnant Girl, my unborn child, life and the air I breathe. I’m pleased and thankful with my life and what God has blessed me with, my true friends and PMGRecords, my fans, weed, and Dr. Pepper.”

xbc42sr0Taylar Elizza Beth: “I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense as it’s a celebration of genocide & white supremacy, but it’s always a great time to realize & reflect on what’s important. I’m thankful for my community. The folks I’ve picked (& who have picked me!) to share space & life experiences with. My chosen family. I couldn’t be more appreciative or feel more blessed in my life right now & I owe it largely to my friends. Also really thankful to lead a life where I can finally put music first. It took hella time but I’m discovering a different way to live, one that allows me to follow my visions!”

12940157_985010351594542_1249512284_nSneakGuapo: “Guap is thankful for, to be able to wake up everyday, living a fine West Seattle Moor Gang ThraxxHouse healthy lifestyle. My birthday is two days after, so I’m also thankful to see another year pass. S/O to the BlowUpco y’all the real MVP! GUAP!”

lunagod1Luna God: “I am thankful for: -friends -music -water -young thug.”

kid-jone-talks-quotclub-308quot-mixtape-scheduled-to-release-oct-16Kid Jone$: “I’m thankful for my family, thankful for my gift & I’m thankful for the people who surround me everyday. Also I’m thankful for the love.”

avatars-000193058530-hcicto-t500x500Webb Wavvy: “I’m thankful to be alive and healthy, my beautiful baby girl, great friends and ppl around me, for my music progression, and FML.”

gabGifted Gab: “Thankful for my lungs to consume that sweet, sweet cheeba. Oh & I guess I’m thankful for my family & what not & what have you.”

8klwf8vyJay Morrison: “Family, God, struggles, and accomplishments. And all the WOATS.”

b55tpsaceammxfwRatchetGawd: “I’m thankful for my beautiful daughter my, daughter’s mom, she a little crazy but she dope af s/o my gang I’m thankful for them too :30, three oh till I go oh. I’m thankful for all big booty woman, love the little booty’s too but I’m thankful for the big ones. I’m also thankful for EBT s/o EBT man.”

ryan-caraveo_09-03-16_19_57ca1a7da18bdRyan Caraveo:“I’m thankful for my little brother Vinnie, I’m thankful for Loco Moco, I’m thankful for my hard working team & I’m thankful for the 6 shots of espresso I put in my latte every morning.”

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