Why GetBlown Actually Blew My Mind

Article By: Lauren Royer
Photography By: April Sol


It didn’t even feel like a Monday. The entire event, thrown by the homies at TheBlowUp, was the first of a series of shows dubbed GetBlown. Created to be a different kind of artist showcase, GetBlown features a headlining artist (like the champions Sleep Steady) and the opening 2-3 artists are chosen by the headlining artist. It blew my mind what I saw happening at this mad successful event.

The biggest thing that was boomin’ was the collection of artists, photographers, and every creative in between; all there to support the idea. What that means is we are onto something mega dope here. If you can have the artistic community on your side, you’ll have passionate people to carry you along- whatever your dream is. The turnout was real and they were there to support their craft and network with people doing the same. Plus it was wavy meeting people live vs on Instagram or Twitter- something that should happen more often. Just sayin.

Artists mentoring artists- this was the part that made me tear up a little (haaa). Because GetBlown is set up for up and coming artists by up and coming artists, that relationship creates opportunities for growth on all sides. You can see mentorships growing right in front of you. One artist at the bar said he looks up to Cid Vishiz and has been wanting to work with him because he is so positive. More of this needs to happen. More of all of that needs to happen.

The energy was up all night. The venue was not ready for the sick mosh sweat flying through the air. Even though it was the rowdiest crew, people were smiling and grooving. Except this one older couple at the bar that had no clue what they had stumbled onto on a Monday night. Sleep Steady, AJ Suede, Jiggy Jerms, and Yodi Mac all have a style that is so unique! It’s so closely related to the screamo rock of my youth that headbanging to every song was not even an option for me. I saw in the crowd some ‘scene/goth’ looking chicks and they were moshing with the hip-hop world like they grew up in it. The blend of people was intoxicating aiight?!

The next GetBlown is set to be announced soon! For now enjoy the flicks and wish you had been there.

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