Why Podcasts Are The Past, Present, And Future

By: Lauren Royer

Ya’ll remember podcasts right? You could subscribe to any type of podcast that tickled your fancy- music, history, or comedic venus fly trap farming (okay maybe not that). Podcasts were the internet/streaming world’s answer to radio stations. The audio files were created electronically to be streamed and shared, usually in a scheduled series. All kinds of personalities emerged along with cult fan followings. It kind of seemed like at one point there were a ton of podcasts floating around and then they became old hype.

Lately though, there has been what seems like a resurgence of interest in podcasts and new ones being created and launched. They are on the rise again and just in time because there is ENDLESS visual information being thrown at us on the regular. Podcasts allow you to combine entertainment with learning; you become aware of so many new ideas, artists, and cultural concepts. Plus you don’t have to spend time reading- just hit play and absorb. Hell yeah. I’m all about it.

So, wouldn’t it be beneficial as an artist for someone to absorb your music or become aware of you through a podcast? Podcasts have great power to influence culture, in the same ways radio did. But how, but why?


It’s a lot of work to curate and sift through all the blogs, streaming platforms, and social media to find music and art that you may enjoy.
A lot of people (46 million American listeners for example) who subscribe to podcasts have access to “what’s good” and “what’s relevant” through their weekly subscriptions. For those of us who don’t enjoy keeping up with news publications, podcasts offer a solution. They keep everyone up to date in everything ever. It makes it easy for the average consumer to consume.

The network of untapped media users is huge.
The average person listens to up to 6 podcasts a week. Just imagine if you had a feature on 6 podcasts, how many people would be hearing your name as an artist recommendation or if one of your songs is played in 6 different episodes. That’s going to leave more of an impression than seeing your name blurred with thousands of artists names in online publications. Even if a subscriber had a podcast playing in the background, they will take in the audio subconsciously (like, woa).

Having a podcast personality give you a shout out, like a radio host, is like getting the official stamp of approval from those whose opinions matter.
Generally, if you’re starting up a podcast it’s because you’re passionate about a topic and want to share that passion with the world. You are generally not doing it to get paid. Our own Miss Casey Carter just launched her own podcast, with co-host Reese; The Glow Up, because she simply missed talking about all the things she’s seeing/feeling in the world; fashion, music, and culture. It wouldn’t hurt to have a voice in the industry speak your name to those that are listening.

Peep the first episode of The Glow Up to just dip your feet into the podcast pool.

Podcasts are also authentic as hell!
Usually the format of the podcasts is more casual, like conversations between friends. This makes for something very real and relevant- which is becoming increasingly important to people. People subscribe for the unique relevant information- not for gimmicks or old world audio distribution tricks. Commercials are generally not present as podcasts are often created cheaply or for free with regular audio recording methods. Couple that format with a guest spot speaking on a podcast and now you’ve added your darling personality to the mix and got a step up past just your social media presence which is often gives a ‘filtered’ vibe.

Investment and quality are increasing into podcasting.
Because it’s currently a market that has remained somewhat untouched by the big commercialism world- and with popularity on the rise, more people and companies will invest into this type of media. The format and nature of it has made it difficult for commercialism to break through however. That’s cool because what we’ll likely continue to hear are personalized, creative, progressive, and simply human media.

Get on it while it’s hot!

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