ZELLi returns with something for the twerkers, “D.M.P.M.”

By: Carrick Wenke

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2017 has proven to be a big year for Seattle artist ZELLi, kicking things off late summer last year with the release of her 5 track EP SOLID chock full of anthems for all the twerkers and closet twerkers out there. Now, if you’ve seen ZELLi’s energetic performance or met her and experienced her bubbly character in person you know she’s no stranger to twerking. The prelude to this single drop was a stunning performance from her at Seattle’s new prodigious music festival, Upstream. Backed by two dancers, ZELLi showed the packed crowd why she is a name to lookout for both musically and performance-wise. “Upstream was amazing! I really enjoyed the experience, and learned a lot about myself as a performer and where I wanna actually go with my brand”, ZELLi said about the performance. “Having a team really helps. As artists, we think that we can do everything by ourselves, but in reality we really need a solid group of people to make things happen”. Which is true, as artists you need to have a whole team to take care of things and ground you that way you can take it to the next level with things. 

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ZELLi is lucky to have exactly that. Following the Upstream gig, she is dropping the video and single for “D.M.P.M.” which was produced, mixed and mastered by one of her team members, CiD VISHIZ. The track features a nice verse from Bay Area artist T. Carrier, who actually linked with ZELLi after finding her on social media, and them exchanging music and finding a common ground to lace the track together. “Working with T. Carriér was really cool. Most of our communication was over email since he resides in the Bay Area, but during the shoot down there we got to interact with each other and he is a real humble guy.” ZELLi also had a great experience working with director Adrien Per on the crisp visuals, “Working with Adrian Per was a dream come true! In high school I used to watch his collaborative work with Jeni Suk, and years later it feels like everything is finally coming full circle. He is really great to work with, very fast but effecient, pays great attention to detail, overall a very respectable director. ” 

Following the release of this single and visual, it’s only up from here for ZELLi. I was curious what we could look forward to from her as she kinda moves in silence, “I am working on a ton of new stuff with Cid Vishiz at the moment. After “DMPM” we realized that we make great songs together and wanna keep the momentum going, so be on the lookout for more music this year!”.



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